Pure Encapsulations ProstaFlo 180 capsules

Cernitin™ Swedish flower pollen extract (hypo-allergenic)

*First developed in Sweden and used for over forty years in numerous countries, Cernitin flower pollen extract contains a highly concentrated, 20:1 combination of water soluble to fat soluble flower pollen extracts from the Graminaceae family. These pollen extracts include corn, timothy and rye. Pollen is harvested directly from selected plants, and the allergenic outer husk is removed. The fat-soluble constituents of Cernitin extract, referred to as fraction GBX™ in some studies, promote healthy leukotriene and prostaglandin production in vitro. An animal study indicates that the water- soluble fraction, referred to as fraction T60™ in studies, and the fat-soluble fraction play a synergistic role in maintaining healthy urethra smooth muscle function. These findings illustrate possible mechanisms of action. One multiple-center, double blind study and a separate clinical evaluation of long-term consumption indicated that Cernitin flower pollen extract supported urinary flow with excellent tolerability in male subjects. An earlier long-term trial also revealed its ability to support subjective and objective findings in men. A double blind, placebo-controlled study involving Cernitin supplementation revealed support for urination variables and prostate health. Additional clinical studies involving this extract also suggest support for urinary function and prostate health. In addition, flower pollen extract provides a healthful spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, flavonoids, nucleic acids and enzymes for optimal synergy.

Cernitin™ flower pollen extract contained in ProstaFlo offers concentrated support for urinary and prostate health.

each vegetable capsule contains:

flower pollen (Secale cereale L.) extract 320 mg. (containing water and fat soluble fractions in a 20:1 ratio)

3–5 capsules per day, in divided doses, with meals.

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