East Park Research Indium-XL 3 ml

Indium-XL is a highly refined form of the 49th element, Indium, and may well be "THE MISSING ELEMENT" in human nutrition. Because Indium is not naturally soluble in water it is not absorbed readily by plants and so its use and need in human nutrition has been overlooked. You will be amazed to learn of its many benefits when included in human nutrition. Can a person live without Indium-XL? Obviously yes, but once you start taking it and observe the difference it makes in your life you won't want to live without it. What Indium-XL does is directly stimulate the pituitary gland and its neighbor, the hypo-thalamus gland. Imagine the health restorative effect of 30 hormones being secreted at youthful levels. While Indium-XL provides the widest range of benefits to older people, everyone can achieve improved health with Indium-XL. Both the mind and body benefit from Indium-XL. Concentration and mental energy are improved and strength and stamina are increased. Athletes often experience a 10% increase in physical endurance. The benefits are almost endless!

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