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Release and relief. Excellent for prevention if one is prone to stones. Boosts bile production, helps lower cholesterol and blood fats; promotes good bowel function. Helps to dissolve stone sediment and facilitate its release.*


Take 2 caps, 3 times daily for 2 weeks, then 3 caps daily for 2 weeks.


Protease; Vitamin C/Bioflavonoid Blend {Amla Bry. (Emblica o.), Sea Buckthorn Bry. (Hippophae r.), Hawthorn Bry. (Crataegus p.)}; Dandelion Rt. (Taraxacum o.); Parsley Lf. (Petroselinum c.); Parsley Rt. (Petroselinum c.); Hydrangea Rt. (Hydrangea a.); Wild Yam Rt. (Dioscorea v.); Milk Thistle Sd. Ext. (Silybum m.); Chamomile Flwr. (Matricaria r.); Stone Rt. (Collinsonia c.); Sea Veggie Ext. Blend {Kelp (Ascophyllum n.), Hijiki (Hizikia f.)}; Marshmallow Rt. (Althea o.); Licorice Rt. (Glycyrrhiza g.); Tribulus terrestris; Oregon Grape Rt. (Mahonia a.); Gravel Rt. (Eupatorium p.); Lecithin Granules; Lemon Balm (Melissa o.); Ginger Rt. (Zingiber o.); Valerian Rt. (Valeriana o.).

What is it?

A Combination Herbal Remedy Formula designed to provide optimal kidney health.

What Does It Do?

By supplying the kidney with herbal cleansers, Stn-Ex helps reduce sediment build-up and helps keep the kidneys clean. Increases fluid exchange in the kidney to keep the kidneys fresh and clean.

What are The Features and Benefits?

Features Benefit

Dandelion Increases fluid flow through the kidneys, which helps with cleansing.

Marshmallow Helps sooth the urinary passage, and can help in the passage of kidney stones.

Licorice Helpful for alleviating irritations of the kidneys.

Who is it For?

People looking for a natural approach to address kidney health.

Did you know that Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition uses 100% Vegetarian Capsules? In keeping in line with the high quality and cleanliness of our herbal ingredients, we found it only appropriate to use Vegetarian Capsules. Vegetarian Capsules are made from plant fibers, and are free of animal by-products, sugar, starches, and preservatives. Vegetarian Capsules increase product bio-activity, as a result of their faster rate of dissolution.

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